Expert treatment of Cinderella Feet in Sussex and London

We use the wording Cinderella feet when an operation is done on your feet for purely cosmetic reasons. This fairly new hebe originates from the States and is getting more and more popular over here. Most women like to wear lovely shoes, high heels and narrow to make the foot look elegant. Unfortunately our feet have all different shapes and most elegant shoes are made for narrow feet. Hence the demand of being able to fit into them no matter how. The most efficient way is the operation, because of you squeeze your feet into narrow shoes, you most likely will end up with an operation anyway. Too narrow shoes will cause bunions and tailor bunions. Most of us know this, but still we can not resist the trend and the desire to look good.

Your feet can be made narrower by using the osteotomy used for bunion and tailor bunion surgery. Using a special method, Dr Nowak can also shorten toes as well as lengthen toes.

All this is done in day surgery under a light sedation. You will only stay 45 minutes after the operation to recover and can walk out of the clinic on your own feet.

Expert treatment of Pinky toe problems in Sussex and London

Restoring foot beauty Today, modern functional and aesthetic procedures are performed almost exclusively as a day procedure, with barely visible scars on your feet and natural beauty restored where possible. Nowadays most procedures are performed under local anaesthesia with or without sedation and often do not last longer than half an hour.


Pinky toe or “My little toe is killing me !” This is one of the most common foot complaints and is largely caused by wearing constrained, insanely pointy and mega slim-fitting shoes. The abnormal pressure exerted by the wearing of high heels causes a small but extremely painful pressure point to form on the sensitive outside of the little toe and causes extreme pain. Under local anaesthesia and with only a tiny incision, a small correction of the bones and a volume correction of the horn barrel, which caused the pain of the toe, is removed. Straight after the operation wider shoes such as trainers are recommended. After the removal of the stitches normal shoes can be worn again. Women who do not want to give up wearing high, elegant shoes will appreciate this so-called “toe tuck”, because it is the easiest procedure to get rid of the pain.

The toe of Aphrodite or “Help, my toes are too long” Aphrodite, the goddess of beauty and love had a significant longer second toe – so they say. However, modern women don’t need to put up with this condition any longer. In the hands of the experienced foot specialist, the length correction is a minimally-invasive technique performed under a local anaesthetic. With a great deal of sensitivity the long toe bone is reduced and the soft tissue is matched aesthetically.


Cinderella Feet Before

Cinderella Feet After


“At last beautiful and healthy feet” Many women suffer enormously with badly deformed feet due to wearing extreme high heels, but help is at hand. In a micro-invasive surgery the deviated big toe can be straightened and the unsightly bunion disappears. Disfigured hammer toes can also be treated with a very minimally – invasive method restoring them aesthetically and improving functionality. The newly formed foot will be stabilised with an internal brace (titanium K-wire) for 4 weeks. During this time a special sandal is worn. After the removal of the wire shoe training will start and for the next few weeks you will have to wear trainers or wide fitting flat shoes. Gradually you can increase the height of the shoe for a few hours. Normally after 8 weeks to 10 weeks you can start wearing elegant shoes again.

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