Dear Susann and Dr Nowak,

I just wanted to write you a note to give you a foot update (lucky you!) and to give you my feedback on the overall service.

I had a bunion on my left foot, and although I am only in my thirties, it was starting to hurt when I exercised or was walking for any period of time. From the moment of getting in touch with the European Foot Institute, Susann was really helpful in guiding me through what to expect when having my bunion removed.

When I arrived at the clinic in Worthing, I was instantly reassured and felt at ease. It was a beautiful clinic that didn’t have the stark, cold and clinical feeling that a hospital has. Instead it felt warm and welcoming. I was quickly seen to, and met Dr Nowak and his team. Having spoken with Susann on numerous occasions prior to the surgery, I already felt like we knew each other so I was already at ease when walking in for the operation.

Dr Nowak and his team were all absolutely lovely! I was taken through the details of the procedure, then swiftly taken in for surgery. The surgery lasted about 15 minutes, and I was soon hobbling out on a pair of crutches.

Throughout the next 4 weeks I spoke with Susann to give reports on my progress. I have to say I was very surprised to have only required crutches for about a week. 4 weeks later and I returned to Worthing to have the wire out. This part was quick and although it was a bizarre feeling, it didn’t hurt.

Fast forward another 4 weeks and I was back on the treadmill. It has now been nearly 3 months and I have done lots of running, and my foot is as good as new! I don’t have any pain at all, and my toe is straight! I haven’t yet tried heels, but I imagine I could wear them without any trouble.

I would absolutely recommend Dr Nowak and his fabulous team (in fact I already have) to anyone considering having a bunion removed.