Annas story:

Hallu Valgus Success withing 6 weeks - European Foot Institute

After nearly 2 years on NHS waiting list I decided to take some action.
I have suffered from severe malformations on both my feet due to enormous bunions for over 20 years. I can’t actually remember having straight feet.
I came across the European Foot Institute and saw they were based in Munich, it wasn’t a big deal as I was prepared at this point to do anything as I had read they specialised in Minimal invasive surgery. I read further that they had a day clinic also in Hove, Brighton. (Btw since the 4 weeks I had the surgery I know they have also opened up in London and Kent).
From my first initial enquiry email to Susann my whole life changed. It was like a guardian angel! She answered me promptly and guided me without fuss. Straight away they wanted photos of my feet. Within a week I had x rays done and emailed over. Dr Nowak studied them and came back with his diagnosis. I made an appointment to see Dr Nowak as soon as he was next in Brighton. When I met both Susann and Dr Nowak i knew straight away I was doing the right thing. Dr Nowak is a professional no fuss and very sympathetic surgeon. He is very knowledgeable with a fantastic track record.

I was supported and looked after from the moment I lay down to when Mr Mohamed (the anaesthetist) woke me up to be told that I now have lovely feet.

Four weeks on my feet are so incredibly straight, I take it easy as I want to really look after them… It’s not everyday you get new feet.

Thank you Dr Nowak and the wonderful guardian angel Susann for what turned out to be such a pleasurable experience. I will be sending you updates of my feet!

My advice for anyone out there who suffers from bunions is to contact Susann right away. It will be the best thing you ever did.
(Anna from Central London March 2016)