Operation on the metatarsal area surgery

mittelfussThe metatarsal bears the brunt of the weight on the foot. Its normal suspension quality ensures comfort when walking and standing.

When suffering with a complex fore foot deformity the metatarsal arch can be so heavily strained that it causes fatigue fractures. These painful injuries often need to be surgically stabilised with special plates and screws.

poly_dorsalThere are always consequences from complex deformity of the metatarsal heads. Even those severely affected with rheumatism can be effectively treated today with surgery to eliminate the “focal points of pain” (Weil technique). In this operation the metatarsal head is moved from its normal position towards the body and/or sideways. This will take them out of the weight bearing position. Using a titanium screw the previously separate metatarsal is reconnected.After two days the patient can start to walk again.
An increasing number of cases of arthritis in the metatarsal foot-root due to previous deformities are presently the focus of foot specialists. A quick and easy procedure with modern implant technology allows these painful diseases to be treated easily.