foot_operationA little note from Jenny

Hi Susann

As promised here is some copy for your web site plus before and after photos …

I remember my first contact with Susann when she told me ‘. Six 

months prior to that I’d been told by a different foot specialist that my case was too severe for this type of surgery and that he wouldn’t advocate it anyway. Thank goodness I ignored his advice. I had my 20 minute operation in April 2016 and after a recovery period (probably longer than normal as I was 66) I’ve never looked back. It’s fantastic, I no longer walk like a duck and the ongoing pain in my hips and back have gone. The aftercare was excellent too so all in all, Dr Nowak and Susann have completely changed my life. Honestly, if I’d known how much better my life would be, I’d have paid twice as much. There’s an added benefit which is buying shoes of the right size, rather than larger to accommodate the width and that’s an absolute pleasure. I cannot thank you enough.